“What is Cosmic Decree? What is Cosmic Contract?” May-05-2014 evening

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Osifu's Discourse (May-05-2014 evening) 

Osifu   18:34:45

Today is May 5th, 2014, Monday.

Osifu made a cup of Vanilla Kuding tea and turned on the computer. It's time to communicate with you.

Next, Osifu will continue with the topic of extraterrestrial civilization and extraterrestrial beings to help you further deepen your understanding of them.

A few days ago, a student from the United States sent an Email and raised three questions:

1. If there are unrighteous thoughts rising up in mind, are they all from one's own eighth cognition of Alaya? Is there any transmitted by extraterrestrial beings?

2. The major elements of human body are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and so on. Then, what is extraterrestrial human’s body composed of?

3. How do extraterrestrial humans come to the earth?

Osifu's answers are as follows:

1. There are many reasons for unrighteous thoughts rising up in mind. Some are from one's own cognition of Alaya; some are transmitted by extraterrestrial beings; and there are also some other reasons.

2. There are uncountable extraterrestrial humans in the universe with different figures, sizes, composition, systems, cells, elements, etc.

3. There are many ways for extraterrestrial humans to visit the earth such as by flying, transmitting, transferring, vehicle transporting, teleporting, parasitizing, and attaching to something, etc.

You may also ask Osifu if you have any questions, and Osifu will reply you as detailedly as possible.

This American student also asked another question, "These days, Osifu is giving discourses about extraterrestrial humans. Is it true that both positive and negative invisible beings are listening?"

Osifu replies, "Yes, they both are."

Another student asked, "What is Cosmic Decree? What is Cosmic Contract?"

These two phrases are new for you. You have heard many times about Cosmic Law and also have had a general understanding of it. However, it is the first time for many of you to hear about Cosmic Decree and Cosmic Contract. Then, how to understand Cosmic Decree and Cosmic Contract?

First, let's see how the dictionary explains the phrases decree and  contract.


(1). General name for laws and government orders, etc.

(2). Seasonal orders. They refer to government orders enacted according to seasons.

Explanation: General name for commands, instructions, decisions and so on issued by the organs of political power.


(1). Documents or terms subject to mutual agreements on trading, mortgages, leases and other relations that are concluded by two or more parties.

(2). It especially refers to documents concluded according to laws by two parties on trading, mortgages, loans, leases, consignation, contracting and other items.

Explanation: Contract refers to "documents for formal certification on selling, mortgages, leases and other relations that were made in accordance with laws". Contract refers to "a promise or a series of promises. It promises to give remedies for breaching such promises by the laws. Or in certain circumstances, it is considered as an obligation to fulfill this kind of promise."

As the proper time to interpret Cosmic Decree and Cosmic Contract hasn't come yet; the early theoretical groundwork isn't enough; your ability to absorb information needs to be improved and your intelligence needs to be leveled up, so Osifu just interprets them slightly. Osifu will give detailed interpretation when the proper time comes.

Next, Osifu will continue with your questions.

A student from Sichuan asked,

1, "Are extraterrestrial humans the celestials from different layers of heavens?"

2, "Since extraterrestrial beings can come to the earth, their dimensions should be higher than those of humans on the earth. Are there any extraterrestrial beings among them who have already got out of the transmigration circle and attained holy fruition?"

Osifu replies,

1, "Strictly speaking, extraterrestrial humans still belong to the realm of humans."

2, "The dimensions, scientific and technological levels, and intelligence levels of most extraterrestrial beings who come to the earth are higher than those of earthly humans. Some of them have already surpassed the cycle of transmigration and attained holy fruition. There are also some at lower dimensions than earthly humans, which is a special case. Earthly humans are also at different dimensions. Some are at higher dimensions while some are at lower dimensions."

A student from Shandong asked, "About 7000 to 8000 years ago, why could extraterrestrial beings appear directly on the earth without being restricted by Cosmic Law, Cosmic Decree and Cosmic Contract?"

Osifu replies, "About 7000 to 8000 years before, some of the cosmic decrees about the earth had not been issued yet, and some of the cosmic contracts about the earth had not been enacted yet."

A student from Beijing asked, "For a person who has missions but remains unawakened no matter how he is inspired or he is awakening too slowly, would extraterrestrial beings open his brain and replace the scrap parts to help him awaken quickly so that he can take on his missions after they see this and wish to turn iron straight into steel?

Osifu replies, " It is possible, but generally they won't do like that."

A student from Hubei asked, "Currently, most eathly humans aren't awakened. Then at this space-time point, would extraterrestrial beings show up directly for the salvation to help the earth and earthly beings? Or would they still adopt the methods of channeling or invisible salvation?"

Osifu replies, "It is the right time for extraterrestrial beings to show up publicly. Do earthly beings welcome them? Hopefully, they wouldn't be welcomed by high-tech weapons."

A student from Beijing asked, "If extraterrestrial beings show up publicly, what salvation methods will they use to save earthly beings?"

Osifu replies, "Extraterrestrial humans will try their best to help earthly humans in proper ways acceptable to the earthly humans. Extraterrestrial humans helping earthly humans is mainly to assist instead of transforming them. "

A student from Hubei province asked, "If earthly humans do not awaken, or even do not accept assistance from extraterrestrial beings, then will the universe adopt measures to change all these?"

Osifu replies, "For the balance, harmony and orderly operation of the overall universe, extraterrestrial beings will not turn a blind eye and stand by indifferently."

A student from Shandong province asked, "Are demons’ followers part of negative extraterrestrial beings?"

Osifu replies, "There are large numbers of demon's followers around the universe. Some negative extraterrestrial beings belong to demons, but not all negative extraterrestrial beings are demons."

A student from Malaysia asked, "There are often many loopholes in man-made decrees. Are there loopholes in Cosmic Decree?"

Osifu replies, " There are no loopholes in Cosmic Decree."

Osifu   19:53:29

A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples. Your questions come overwhelmingly, which is a good thing.

However, it’s been too much for today’s discourse and it’s a bit too long. Tomorrow, Osifu will continue to answer your questions.

The above is what Osifu would like to tell you today.


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