Q&A between Osifu with his students.May-07-2014

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Q&A between Osifu with his students.May-07-2014

Osifu's Discourse (May-07-2014 evening)


Osifu   21:26:00

Today is May 7th, 2014, Wednesday.

Osifu made a cup of Vanilla Kuding tea and turned on the computer. It is time to communicate with you.


Next, Osifu will go on with the topic of extraterrestrial civilization and extraterrestrial beings to help you further deepen your understanding of them.


Yesterday Osifu answered some of your questions and you can continue to ask questions today.


Before answering questions, Osifu needs to tell you that a human being is nothing more than a human being. Dont deify any human being. Dont demonize any human being, either.

The earth is just a particulate in the universe, let alone a human being?

Why are human beings so arrogant?

Why are human beings so keen on creating gods?

Why are human beings so enthusiastic about calling themselves gods or Buddhas?

Why are human beings so wild about glorifying so-called great masters, great cultivators or superior persons?


Osifu has seen many great masters, great cultivators or superior persons touted by earthlings. They swindled by false pretences everywhere to fish for fame and wealth, and some of them even wrecked the country and brought ruin to the people, which is very lamentable. It is a kind of manifestation of low intelligence and backward civilization.


Osifu has repeatedly informed you that Osifu is an ordinary man without attractive appearance and striking eloquence, and a peasant’s son who is so plain that he cannot be more common. Repeatedly talking about this point is exactly to prevent you from deifying Osifu and stop you from elevating Osifu onto the altar.


One of the deep-rooted bad habits of earthlings is superstition. They are superstitious about ghosts and gods, superstitious about great masters, superstitious about superior persons, superstitious about reputation and fame, superstitious about supernatural powers, superstitious about telepathy, superstitious about mystical things, etc.


Earthlings need faith of wisdom and wisely believe in the truth, wisely believe in the Cosmic Law, wisely believe in the Natural Principle and wisely believe in the Truth of Science.


Osifu straightforwardly tells you, “If you need belief, please believe in truth.”


Next Osifu will go on answering your questions.


A student from Guangdong asked, Earthlings live in a three-dimensional space, then which dimension do extraterrestrial humans live in, please?

Osifu replies, “Spatial dimensionality is earthly humans’ wording, and which dimension is also defined by earthly humans. Actually, dimension cannot be divided. Extraterrestrial humans are widely distributed in the universe and their quantities are uncountable. Extraterrestrial humans of higher level can transform themselves and move in different dimensions and spaces. Some of extraterrestrial humans are inferior to earthlings in intelligent level, level of science and technology, and level of civilization, and their degree of freedom are even worse than that of earthlings.”


A student from Shandong asked, Does the realm of humans also include many other planets besides the earth? If one was reincarnated as a human being, does it only refer to the earthling?

Osifu replies, Realm of humans exists on many planets. Reincarnation as a human refers to being reincarnated into a life form of a human being, not merely an earthling. Osifu has told you repeatedly that the earth is very small and the universe is very large; there are many planets that could support life, and extraterrestrial humans are also humans.”


A student from the United States asked, “ About 7000-8000 years ago, extraterrestrial beings retreated from the earth stage because of the Cosmic Decree and the Cosmic Contract. Now extraterrestrial beings will show up again, does it mean that new cosmic decrees and cosmic contracts will come forth or have been issued already?

Osifu replies, Regarding new cosmic decrees and cosmic contracts about the earth, some sections of them have come into force while some parts are still in the process of adjustment and enactment.  The public appearance of extraterrestrial beings and the extent of their involvement are also in the process of step-by-step authorization.”


A student from Liaoning asked, Do the phenomena of creating gods or superstition exist on other planets? At present, all kinds of so-called dharma-gates are extremely miscellaneous. Is there such a phenomenon that extraterrestrial beings transplanted some so-called cultivation dharma-gates that violate the Cosmic Law onto the earth?”

Osifu replies, The phenomena of creating gods or superstition also exist on other planets, but very few. Such things appear only on those semi-barbaric planets with poorintelligent level, backward civilization and lower level of science and technology. On the earth some evil extraterrestrial beings did transplant some so-called cultivation dharma-gates that violate the Cosmic Law onto the earth. This kind of phenomenon must be stopped, otherwise the consequences would be very serious.


A student from Beijing asked, Are there any planets that are also invisible in the universe?

Osifu replies, The tangible and the intangible are relatively speaking. Everything is energy field and everything is energy body. The earthlings call those they can see the visible and those they cannot see the invisible, which is unscientific.


A student from Beijing asked, Extraterrestrial human is also a life form of the human being. Do extraterrestrial humans have central channel and seven chakras like earthlings? Do they belong to the realm of humans or any other realm in the six realms?

Osifu replies, Some of extraterrestrial humans have central channel and seven chakras while some of them don’t. Remind you to pay attention: The body structure of earthlings is not the standard one in the realm of humans, let alone the most perfect one. Extraterrestrial humans belong to the realm of humans.”


A student from Shanxi asked, Whom are the Cosmic Decree and the Cosmic Contract formulated and empowered by?

Osifu replies, The Cosmic Decree is researched, formulated and authorized by CIC (Cosmic Intelligence Center) according to the Cosmic Law. The Cosmic Contract is the protocol, agreement, announcement, writ and so on that are formulated by relevant cosmic beings according to the Cosmic Law and the Cosmic Decree through the procedures of coordination, consensus, public acknowledgment, notarization and endorsement.


A student from Hongkong asked, Did the Buddha leave Buddhist scriptures on other planets, just like the Buddha left Tripitaka and twelve divisions of the Buddhist canon on the earth?

Osifu replies, Yes. The meanings of the sutras are the same, but languages, words, chapters, sequences, ways of expression, forms of collection and so on are not all the same.


A student from Tianjin asked, “Are there extraterrestrial humans carrying on missions?Is there such a situation thatextraterrestrial humans fail to get to theirpositions?”

Osifu replies, There are some extraterrestrial humans with missions, and there also exists such a situation that some extraterrestrial humans fail to get to positions.”


A student from Hebei asked, Is it true that only after one is reincarnated as a human being on the earth could one cultivate to achieve the Buddhahood?

Osifu replies, No, it isnt


A student from Inner Mongolia asked, “What differences and similarities are there between discipline and practice methods of extraterrestrial humans and those of earthlings? Is there anything that they can draw from each other?”

Osifu replies,Discipline and practice methods between extraterrestrial humans and earthlings are very much the samebecause all cultivation ways comply with the same Cosmic Law.

Earthlings’ cultivation methods were mainly propagated by higher dimensional extraterrestrial beings.”


Osifu   22:52:23

So much for today. Osifu also needs to rest and will continue to answer your questions tomorrow.

The above is what Osifu would like to tell you today.



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