Q&A between Osifu with his students.May-08-2014

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Q&A between Osifu with his students.May-08-2014

Osifu's discourse (May-08-2014 evening)


Osifu   21:34:30

Today is May 8th, 2014, Thursday.

Osifu made a cup of Vanilla Kuding tea and turned on the computer. It's the right time to communicate with you.


Next, Osifu will go on with the topic of extraterrestrial civilization and extraterrestrial beings to help you further deepen your understanding of them.


Yesterday, Osifu answered some questions from you, and you may continue to ask today.


Before answering questions, it is necessary to tell you that everything in the universe must comply with the Cosmic Law.


If galaxies go against the Cosmic Law, the operation of galaxies will go wrong.


If planets violate the Cosmic Law, the operation of planets will come across problems.


If cosmic beings disobey the Cosmic Law, cosmic beings will run into problems.


Many cosmic beings in the universe are engaged in cultivation, which is a good thing and is the need for the purification, sublimation and ascension of the universe. However, Osifu needs to remind earthly humans that there are risks during cultivation and caution is needed when you are ready to get into it.


Cultivation is not only risky, but also highly dangerous. During the past several thousand years, cultivation has caused many earthly humans to become psychos and mental patients, and some even lost their precious lives.


Osifu hereby seriously warns you, "Don't step into cultivation rashly!"


For those who have already stepped into cultivation, you must consider carefully and think again. Cultivation is a path of no return, and it is not too late to turn back now.


Many so-called masters propagate their own cultivation methods and build up circles of faithful believers to expand their influence under the banner of religion, yoga, qigong, witchcraft, planchette, magic, Taoist magic arts, spiritual cultivation, psychology, life science, etc. This kind of practice is very dangerous and its harmfulness is huge. To less significant extent, it harms both physical and mental health of humans; and to more significant extent, it brings disasters not only to the nation but also to the people.


We should keep high vigilance from such masters and phenomena, observing them, staying away from them and getting rid of them.


Osifu informs you straightforwardly again, "If you need belief, please believe in truth."


Next, Osifu will go on answering questions. You should also improve the quality of questions as your questions will be written into the book OSIFU, and we should be responsible for the history.


A student from Shanxi asked, "Is the Cosmic Civilization the ultimate state of extraterrestrial civilization? Are the Cosmic Law, Natural Principle and Truth of Science the ultimate state of the Cosmic Civilization?"


Osifu replies, "Extraterrestrial civilization is a part of the Cosmic Civilization. To make all planets, galaxies and cosmic beings in the universe completely comply with the Cosmic Law, Natural Principle and Truth of Science is the goal that the cosmic intelligence center has been striving for."


A student from Guangdong asked, "Are there many visible beings similar to human beings inhabiting on the billions of planets that can be observed currently?"


Osifu replies, "Yes, there are countless visible beings similar to human beings in the universe, and their shapes and forms are all different from each other."


A student from Beijing asked, "Some extraterrestrial beings came to the earth for energy sources. Then, what energy sources do they want to get from the earth so as to generate energy and power?"


Osifu replies, "There are many elements on the earth that can be used as energy sources, such as light, petroleum, natural gas, water, oxygen, hydrogen, crystal and so on. There are also some special energy sources, such as energy of the essence, qi, spirit and souls of humans, etc. Some special energy fields on the earth and energy generated from special materials can all be extracted for their utilization."


A student from Tianjin asked, "Since there are risks in cultivation, then, can we get out of the transmigration cycle and return to homeland without cultivating? Does mind-cultivation belong to the scope of discipline?"


Osifu replies, "Cultivation is a must for one to get out of the transmigration cycle and return to homeland. Mind-cultivation, practice and discipline are ONE, and inseparable."


A student from Liaoning asked, "In the future earthly civilization, will extraterrestrial humans and earthly humans live together and work together to promote the harmonious and balanced development of earthly civilization?"


Osifu replies, "Yes, this is also a goal that the universe will have to achieve."


A student from Hubei asked, "Since cultivation is so risky, then what sort of cultivating method would be the easiest way for humans' holy achievements in the Dharma Ending Age?"


Osifu replies, "Osifu points out a golden path for you, which is to cut off all evils, nurture all goodness, enlighten yourself and follow the Way (comply with the Cosmic Law). There is no shortcut but only danger besides this."


A student from the United States asked, "When extraterrestrial beings show up, will there be only positive ones or will both positive and negative ones appear simultaneously?"


Osifu replied, "Both positive and negative ones will appear, but they will not necessarily show up simultaneously."


A student from Beijing asked, "Would the Buddha enter into the six realms with different identities to transform sentient beings again after his Nirvana?"


Osifu replies, " Yes, he would."


A student from Tianjin asked, "Demons also cultivate, and what is the greatest difference between their cultivations and ours?"


Osifu replies, "A mind with evil is called a demon while a mind with righteousness is called a Buddha.

A mind with hypocrisy is called a demon while a mind with sincerity is called a Buddha.

A mind with wickedness is called a demon while a mind with kindness is called a Buddha.

A mind with filth is called a demon while a mind with pureness is called a Buddha.

A mind with blind ignorance is called a demon while a mind with enlightenment is called a Buddha."


A student from Hunan asked, "Extraterrestrial beings come to the earth to plunder the earth resources. Is that permitted by the Cosmic Law, Cosmic Decree and Cosmic Contract?"


Osifu replies, "The Cosmic Law, Cosmic Decree and Cosmic Contract represent equality and justice. They never allow actions such as plunder, invasion and colonization among galaxies, planets and cosmic beings."


A student from Tianjin asked, "We earthly humans are transmigrating among the six realms. Are there life transmigration or other types of transmigration in other extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe?


Osifu replies, "As long as those cosmic beings haven't got out of the transmigration cycle, they all have life transmigration no matter which planet they are on. Whether it is six-realm transmigration or seven-realm transmigration is just an issue of division."


Osifu   23:07:36

Today Osifu has answered questions from eleven students. Let's continue tomorrow.

Osifu also has flesh body and also needs to rest, doesn't he?

The above is what Osifu would like to tell you today.


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