Osifu:Truth lies in your heart.May-21-2014 afternoon

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Osifu:Truth lies in your heart.May-21-2014 afternoon 

Osifu's Discourse (May-21-2014 morning)


Osifu   10:31:43

Today is May 21st, 2014, Wednesday.


Osifu just prepared a cup of Vanilla Kuding tea and turned on the computer. It’s time to communicate with you. Osifu cherishes every chance to talk with you.


Next, Osifu will continue with the topic of cosmic civilizations and cosmic beings to help you further deepen your understanding of them.


You may continue with your questions today. It’s the best that each person only brings up one question each day so that other students may have chances to ask too. Osifu will answer questions from ten persons each day, which would be better.


Before answering questions, Osifu needs to emphasize again that all viewpoints, speeches and conclusions of Osifu are only for your reference. Do not blindly believe in whatever Osifu talks about. Truth needs to be verified by yourself. If you want to be fully aware of truth, then cultivate and verify yourself. Truth lies in your heart.


A student from the United States asked, “Do Yin and Yang exist within all cosmic civilizations or only some of them?”


Osifu replies, “Yin and Yang exist in all cosmic civilizations.”


A student from Beijing asked, “How would beings on other planets get born and reproduce? Do they also have parents?”


Osifu replies, “Coming up with such a kind of question proves your high level of curiosity. There are four main modes of reproduction for cosmic beings and they are Womb-begotten, Egg-begotten, Moisture-begotten and Transformation-begotten. Not all reproducing ways need to have parents.”

Besides these four kinds, cosmic beings still have others modes of reproduction.


A student from Malaysia asked, “Is the origin of humankind related to extraterrestrial beings?”

Osifu replies, “The origin of humankind is closely connected to extraterrestrial beings. Most of human’s earliest ancestors were from outer space.”


A student from Henan asked, “Yin-Yang Balance Law eternally exists in the universe. Does that mean there are still some relatively evil and negative forces in highly advanced cosmic civilizations?”

Osifu replies, “Yin-Yang Balance Law is one of the important cosmic laws. Yin energy and Yang energy maintain the operation of the universe.

Evil, negative and dark forces only exist in lower levels and lower dimensions.

Yin and Yang are relative and omnipresent.

You couldn’t think that Yin energy is evil or negative.

For Yin energy and Yang energy, there is no discrimination of righteousness or wickedness, sincerity or insincerity, goodness or evil, pureness or filth, enlightenment or ignorance.


A student from Chongqing asked, “How did the Cosmic Law come into being? Why is it that one is following the Way only if one respects the Law to practice? ”

Osifu replies, “The Cosmic Law is what the universe originally possesses. Cosmic beings can only research, realize, conclude, verify, abide by, practice and follow the Cosmic Law, but they cannot create the Cosmic Law.

Abiding by Cosmic Law, according with Dharma and following the Way are the same meaning, but just different expressions.”


A student from Sichuan asked, “The flesh body of earthly humans could be out of Yin-Yang balance. Could the soul body of earthly humans also lose its balance?”

Osifu replies, “Yes, both the flesh body and the soul body could be out of Yin-Yang balance. One of the goals for our purification, ascension and promotion is to reach Yin-Yang balance.”


A student from Beijing asked, “There are so many planets in the universe. For these planets, are they within the three realms or beyond the three realms?”

Osifu replies, “Strictly speaking, we cannot say that planets are within the three realms or beyond the three realms. We can only say that the sentient beings on these planets are within the three realms or beyond the three realms.

On some planets, all sentient beings have been out of the three realms.

On some planets, some of the sentient beings are out of the three realms and some of the sentient beings are within the three realms.

On some planets, all sentient beings are within the three realms.

On the earth, some of the sentient beings are out of the three realms while some of sentient beings are not.”


A student from Hunan asked, “Are different layers of heaven in the Buddhist sutras located on extraterrestrial planets of different dimensions or some other types?”

Osifu replies, “Different layers of heaven in Buddhist sutras are levels and dimensions that cosmic beings have achieved through mind-cultivation, practice and discipline. It’s not necessary that they all live on planets. Some cosmic beings abide in the Void; some cosmic beings are everywhere and some cosmic beings travel in the worlds of all ten directions.

One planet could be inhabited by living beings of various levels and different dimensions.

For instance, on the same earth, there live deities, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Pratyekabuddhas, Arhats, eightfold divisions of heavenly beings and dragons, Asuras, humans, spirits, animals, ghosts, beings in the hell, etc.


A students from Inner Mongolia asked, “There are positive and negative forces among extraterrestrial humans and extraterrestrial beings and they came to the earth for different purposes. Is that the consequence of cosmic balancing or an inevitable process of educating and transforming humankind?”

Osifu replies, “The universe is a super complicated karma net, cause and condition net, energy net, magnetic net. Different kinds of forces are interwoven together. Its complexity is far beyond what humans’ intelligence can imagine.

The existences of both positive and negative forces are the need of universe operation.

The universe runs from one balance to another and it needs to adjust itself, purify itself, sublimate itself and ascend constantly.

The universe has no discriminative mind. The universe is equal and she only complies with the Cosmic Law to run.

No matter whether it’s for humans or other cosmic beings, implementing the heavenly culture, educating and transforming and guiding are all the same: to follow the Cosmic Law. The process started from beginningless kalpas ago and it has never stopped.


A student from Guangdong asked, “For extraterrestrial humans to help earthly humans, does it need most of the earthly humans to agree or to request? And as for ‘most’, is there any specific percentage?”

Osifu replies, “Extraterrestrial humans have started to help the earthly humans since the day when earthly humans appeared. Extraterrestrial humans have never stopped helping earthly humans.

Extraterrestrial humans’ helping earthly humans does not necessarily need the permission or request of earthly humans. Earthly humans are not the owner of the earth.

Of course, the positive extraterrestrial humans would not like to be uninvited guests either.


Osifu   12:20:20

Today, Osifu answered questions from ten students. Let’s continue tomorrow.

Have your questions prepared. One person can only raise one question each time. State your questions clearly. Try to use scientific, modern and straightforward language.

The above is what Osifu would like to share with you today.


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