Osifu advocating earthly humans to stop eating meat and change to vegetarian diet

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Osifu advocating earthly humans to stop eating meat and change to vegetarian diet

Osifu's Discourse (June-22-2014 afternoon)


Osifu   12:58:27

Today is June 22nd, 2014, Sunday.

It's time to communicate with you. The theme of our communication in June is Vegan Diet & Health Maintenance. You may ask questions and express your opinions freely.


Yesterday, Osifu laid special stress on stopping killing, appealing to earthly humans to stop killing.

Today, Osifu will emphasize on vegetarian diet, advocating earthly humans to stop eating meat and change to vegetarian diet.


Vegetarian diet is a dietary mode without eating meat, poultry, seafood and other animal products, and a way of life in which people neither use animals products nor engage in killing-related occupations.


Choosing vegetarian food is to choose a way of diet that will benefit the health of one’s own, respect lives of the others, care for the environment, conform to the Natural Rule and comply with the Cosmic Law. Vegetarian diet has gradually become a lifestyle in line with the trend of the times.


Regarding advantages and benefits of vegetarian diet, it is well known and self-evident, on which you can conduct your own research. The key point Osifu would like to address is that the future earth is bound to be a vegetarian planet.


The majority of planets in the universe are vegetarian planets, and eating meat is the sign of extreme backwardness of the planetary civilization. 


How to make earthly humans accept the idea of veganism and manage to do it? Osifu has been thinking about this question, which cannot be solved by only shouting slogans.


Having developed to the present stage, earthly civilization hasn't completely solved the problem of cannibalism in humans, let alone the problem of humans eating animals?


Even though the degree of difficulty is huge and seems insurmountable, Osifu is still full of confidence: Earthly humans will surely abstain from killing and keep vegetarian diet, and the earth will surely become a vegetarian planet.


It cannot be considered as a vegetarian planet with only earthly humans abstaining from killing and keeping vegetarian diet. Only when all predators on the earth abstain from killing and go vegan will the earth truly become a vegetarian planet. Is that possible? Osifu's answer is determined and affirmative: Yes, it is possible. It is not only possible, but also certain to be realized.


Only when all earthly beings abstain from killing and go vegan will the earth become a vegetarian planet. Maybe you think that Osifu is thinking wildly and the topic becomes more mysterious as it continues. Actually, it is not.


The earth is undergoing cleaning, adjustment, purification, sublimation and ascension. Meanwhile, all species on the earth are also undergoing the same process. The earth after its ascension will be a vegetarian planet and the species after their ascension will become vegetarian species.


Osifu has expounded repeatedly that the earth has no doomsday and the future of the earth will be even much better. One important indicator is that the future earth will become a vegetarian planet; all creatures will live harmoniously; there will be no the strong preying upon the weak; there will be no more killing and hurting; and there will be no more bloodshed and fighting.


Today, Osifu once more tells you explicitly: The earth has no doomsday! The future earth will surely become a paradise, a pure land and a blessed place for all creatures.


Upon talking about that, it reminds Osifu of a legend 'Nirvana of the Phoenix,Rebirth in the Flame.

According to the legend, the phoenix is the emissary of happiness in the human world. In every five hundred years, it burdens all pains and agonies, love and hatred, revenge and grudge accumulated in the human world and commits self-burning by throwing itself into the raging fire. And its life and beauty is terminated in exchange for auspiciousness and happiness of the human world. They could gain rebirth only after their flesh bodies have been similarly subjected to great afflictions and transmigration. After the dying phoenix throws itself into the fire and gets reborn from its ashes, its feathers becomes more abundant; its voices gets clearer, and its spirit becomes more vigorous. It turns into an eternal beautiful glorious fire phoenix.


Osifu   14:05:55

That legend is very beautiful.

The above is what Osifu would like to tell you today.


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