The extraterrestrial beings have already showed up publicly on the earth. Are we ready for that?

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The extraterrestrial beings have already showed up publicly on the earth. Are we ready for that?

Osifu's Discourse (July-16-2014 evening) 

Osifu   21:59:40

Today is July 16th, 2014, Wednesday. 

The subject we study and explore in July is the deep-rooted bad habits of human beings. Osifu has seen that you've written many articles with certain depth, which is very good. 

Earthly humans need to know themselves and need to profoundly analyze their deep-rooted bad habits. If the deep-rooted bad habits of earthly humans remain unsolved, there would be no way to realize the ascension of human civilization. 

Yesterday, Osifu watched the movie Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. The deep-rooted bad habits of earthly humans are also deeply revealed in the play, which is worth watching. Osifu would recommend you to go to see the film as it has educational and inspirational significance. Osifu often says that watching movie is also a way of learning. 

Osifu believes that extraterrestrial beings do exist and that extraterrestrial humans also exist. Extraterrestrial beings have always been in an inseparable relationship with earthly beings. 

The righteous extraterrestrial beings help earthly beings eradicate their deep-rooted bad habits to realize the ascension of earthly civilization. 

The malicious extraterrestrial beings utilize the deep-rooted bad habits of earthly beings to reach their ulterior purposes. 

Although Osifu is an ordinary, Osifu has compassion towards the earth and the people. 

Extraterrestrial beings openly appearing on the earth is no longer a matter of guesswork, and too many signs and evidences have proved that extraterrestrial beings have already showed up publicly on the earth. Are we ready for that? 

The war between human troops of justice and vicious extraterrestrial beings is unavoidable, and how should we take up the gauntlet?  

What Osifu drinks tonight is dendrobium officinale water. It tastes light and a little bit brackish; it benefits the stomach and promotes fluid, and it nourishes Yin and clears heat. 

Drinking dendrobium officinale water reminds Osifu of the Mount Yandang, which was formed from volcanic eruption 120 million years ago. Modern geological studies have showed that Mount Yandang is a typical ancient cretaceous rhyolitic volcano with global significance— caldera. 

This time, Osifu had planned to go up to the top of Mount Yandang to investigate the Lake Yan there, however, it’s a pity that the road was closed up and Osifu was unable to get there. 

Why would Osifu want to investigate Lake Yan? Because Lake Yan is said to be a crater and Osifu has been very concerned about craters. Every time, when visiting places with craters, Osifu would investigate them thoroughly. 

Under normal circumstances, the energy field at a crater is very good.   At many craters, there are extraterrestrial beings moving around; under some craters, there are bases of extraterrestrial beings. 

Extraterrestrial beings have higher intelligence, and they choose places with better energy field on the earth to settle down and establish bases. 

There is a secret which, if spoken out, would probably hurt the self-esteem of earthly humans. The heavily inhabited places where earthly humans establish countries, cities, villages and so on are basically those left or abandoned by extraterrestrial beings. 

The territories and bases occupied by extraterrestrial beings would not allow earthly beings to take half a step closer. 

Comparing with extraterrestrial beings, earthly beings are a vulnerable group, which is a harsh reality. 

There are things that cannot be disclosed bluntly, and once they were, they would hurt feelings of the majority of earthly humans. 

However, one thing needing to be noted is that earthly humans are not the most intelligent species on the earth, much less the dominator of the earth. On the earth, there are many beings whose intelligent levels are above those of earthly humans, which will be verified by yourselves. 

If we know there exist living beings on the earth with higher intelligence, higher energy and they are more powerful than us earthly humans, what would we think? 

If we know these more powerful living beings with higher intelligence and higher energy are inspecting us earthly beings, and are discussing what course this species should follow, what would we think? 

If we know these more intelligent and more powerful beings with higher energy holding the opinionthat the species of earthly humans have severe deep-rooted bad habits, which have destroyed the balance of the earth and have affected the development of earthly civilization, what would we think? 

The deep-rooted bad habits of earthly humans must be eradicated; otherwise, the consequence would be very serious. 

There have been many such bloody lessons on the earth. Many species once were very powerful and then went extinct. Dinosaurs are one of them, and hopefully, human beings will not follow the footsteps of dinosaurs. 

Osifu hopes that earthly humans can face their own deep-rooted bad habits bravely, be determined to eradicate them, get rid of selfishness, respect nature, harmonize all things and comply with the Cosmic Law. 

Osifu hopes that the species of earthly humans will continually go on with adjustment, purification, sublimation, ascension, and don't conduct self-destruction. 

Osifu has full confidence in earthly humans.


Osifu   23:20:50

By the way, vicious extraterrestrial beings have been lurking around the earth and earthly humans for a long time. 

If we earthly humans don't eradicate the deep-rooted bad habits, we will be self-defeated without fighting.

The above is what Osifu would like to tell you today.





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