If the opportunity is missed, it will hardly come back again. Feb-02-2010

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If the opportunity is missed, it will hardly come back again. Feb-02-2010

Osifu’s Discourse (Feb-02-2010 morning)


Osifu 08:46:02

If the opportunity is missed, it will hardly come back again.


The Dharma Ending Age is also the Demon's Rampant Period, so we cannot be careless.


Only the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are the nearest and dearest ones to you.


Not all your six relations are treat you with true feelings and true love, and some of them are even your karmic relatives and creditors, adverse causes or Dharma disturbing descendants of Demons.


So we shouldn't be careless and our mind should be clear.


My disciples, prepare the rain gear and maintain the house well, then you won't be afraid of wind and rain whenever they come.


We should send away those intangible and invisible predestined beings first and spare no effort to send them away as many as possible, which must be done as a priority.


It will be safe for the intangible and invisible beings to leave the Earth and this Saha World.


As for us, an important part of our missions will have been completed. As for the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, one of their wishes will have been fulfilled.


The tangible and visible beings are like a piece of hard bone.


The tangible and visible beings are a big problem.


The tangible and visible beings are like a pot of copper peas.


Well, there will still be solutions.It needs close cooperation from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, GODs and humans, and synchronization of the Heaven and Earth.


The heart is related to vows as well as the mission.

Save and rescue people as well as ourselves because we are originally ONE.

How could we dare to waste our time when the time and space is transforming?

The delusional ones are in their own delusion while the enlightened ones are practicing actively.


Live up to people below and never disappoint the Heaven above.

All God’s favored children, please don't linger breath of life any longer.

You are indomitable and please try to live in peace as early as possible.

Settle down and pursue liberation and the light will appear once you break through the delusion.


Please immediately cut off all attachments with your wisdom sword and get on the dharma boat of salvation with swift footsteps.

Carry out your great ambition and again compose a new chapter of life.

When the Heaven and the Earth are harmonized, human beings and gods will be delighted together.

Then the Mother Earth will be relaxed and peaceful while the Father Heaven will burst into smiles.


The Triple Realms will celebrate together with the harmony of the Heaven and the Earth.

We are originally one entity and we return to our original source again.

We are originally from one family and we reunite again.

We originally share one heart and we return to the wonderful origin again.

09:52:11, Feb 2nd, 2010. 


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