Osifu Discourse: Regard the Buddhas as your master. Mar-03-2010 Afternoon

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Osifu Discourse: Regard the Buddhas as your master. Mar-03-2010 Afternoon

Mar-03-2010 Afternoon Osifu’s Discourse


Osifu :

Don’t cling to or pursue supernatural powers.


Many people have been stuck in the barrier of telepathize, the barrier of psychic, the barrier of supernatural powers, who cannot uplift and were reduced to be tools and slaves of the demons and monsters eventually. So miserable!


Many people who had good foundation and outstanding backgrounds, because they persisted in supernatural powers, desire for fame and wealth, eventually failed for lack of a final effort and fell into the demon’s caves.


The heresy was disseminated by the demons and goblins wishing to disturb the Proper Dharma, so all disciples should keep away from it.


Cultivate and practice the proper Buddha Dharma. Keep a firm resolve for Bodhi and avoid the demonic disturbances. Reciting the Shurangama Mantra more often has become increasingly important.


Take the precepts as your master.

Regard the Buddhas as your master.

Consider the sutras as your master.

The heresy, heretics and the small magic arts bring about dreadful harm to people.


(One disciple asks: “For those practitioners who hold the Shurangama Mantra ,are they guaranteed to step onto the Great Way of Proper Dharma, Osifu?”)


I tell you this: Simply holding Shurangama Mantra is not enough.


Neither clinging to any form nor letting the mind move is the true treasure to success.


To witness us pursuing the outer forms, supernatural powers, psychic response and the fives desires and the six gunas, and chasing fame and wealth is the happiest thing for the demon king.


The demons and their followers have broken down the will of many practitioners and Buddhists as easily as blowing off the dust.


(One disciple asks: “Osifu, regarding the Diamond Sutra, I have a question about the four-line stanza of the Diamond Sutra, which four-line stanza is the exact intention of the Buddha Shakyamuni?”)


My disciple! You have asked a very clever, but very silly question.


It is clever for you to notice that the Buddha Shakyamuni did not point out which was the four-line stanza, but you ask Osifu to talk it about.


However, it’s a very silly question because other disciples have understood, yet you still have the question.


A Verse to Answer the Question Raised by One Disciple


Mind and sutra originally belong to oneness, while sutra and mind are originally of non-duality.

Sutra was delivered by the Buddha mind, how can it be divided into four-line stanza?

Like the Yangtze River water, a thirsty man drinks a ladle of the water.

Can you tell which ladle of water can relieve the needs of the thirsty man?

The Buddha Shakyamuni transmitted the wonderful Dharma, which has been compared to a craft.

The craft is actually formless, and it delivers people safely across the sea of birth and death.

Cultivate the kind Dharma with non-self and directly attain the great freedom and liberation.

The thunder sound of the Buddha Shakyamuni still resonates, and this verse is to answer the question raised by one disciple.

15:23:34, March 3rd, 2010. It is presented for the disciples and predestined friends to comprehend. 


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