Osifu:Peace Reigns the Universe

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Osifu:Peace Reigns the Universe

Apr-02-2010 Eveing Osifu’s Discourse

Peace Reigns the Universe

                                                                                         ---By Osifu

People offer sacrifice to Emperor Fuxi, the God of Fishery and Husbandry, at Tomb-Sweeping Day, and it’s been a folk custom that has a long history to the origin of civilization.

Fuxi, the ancestor of human beings also had his parents, who have been waiting with tears for their descendents to return home.

The Heaven and the Earth separated from each other in the vast void space, and the conversion of the time and space worries the parents very much, who have been waiting for their children returning.

At the very beginning, the human beings were the leaders of all living beings; however, now they have become the barriers of all living beings.

They have muddle headedly created so much evil karma, and how can they have their debts paid off if they don’t tune their mind and still indulge in delusions and desires?

Anyone who wants to attain the ultimate liberation needs to keep the Buddhas’ words in mind.

There are few people who would tell you the esoteric meanings of the Heaven’s will, while Osifu is so compassionate to tell you the truth.

The rambling thunder reveals the vicissitude of life, and the heart of the Heaven is bleeding in the vast karmic ocean.

If the wandering children tune their mind and return home, the Heaven would be clear and the Earth would be bright, so is everything in the universe.

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It is presented to all followers and predestined friends to comprehend.

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