The Mantra of Osifu

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The Mantra of Osifu

The Mantra of Osifu

Everything starts from 〇 and returns to 〇 in the end.

Be egoless and unconditioned in order to perform in accordance with the Way.

Bring bliss to all under Heaven and rescue all beings.

The Great Way is its being what it is, which is unconditioned and pure.

All beings are from one source and share one heart.

Resonating in the same wave and at the same frequency, all beings have the ability to return to the cosmic source.

The secret key is the mind, which must be righteous, sincere, kind-hearted and pure.

When the time is right, everything comes easy; when conditions are ripe, success will come.

Heaven bestows upon us the mission to release all beings from the cycle of death and birth.

We practice the Great Way with dedication both in Heaven and on Earth.

Keeping in mind our mission, we instruct and guide all living beings.

Cut off all evils and cultivate all goodness. Purify the mind to cultivate the suchness.

Chant the Buddha's name with pure mind to achieve full consciousness and spiritual emptiness.

Tuning the mind to goodness, all sentient beings will accomplish ascension.

Restoring the mind to the Buddha nature, all sentient beings will return to the true mind.

Bringing forth the resolve for Bodhi,we should cultivate courageously and diligently.

Practicing in the manner of the Bodhisattvas, we rescue all our loved ones from the sea of suffering.

By following the example of the Buddha Sakyamuni, we transform and guide those who indulge themselves in the illusions.

By demonstrating the Way with our own conduct, we awaken those who cling to ignorance and delusion.

The Great Way of Cosmic Laws guides all living beings to directly return to the true mind.

The Secret-in-Secret Cultivation Method is to purify and uplift living beings to higher dimensions.

Make our all-out efforts and never abandon a single being.

Observe disciplines and obey laws in order to be a model of virtuous behavior.

Love our country and countrymen and devote our loyalty.

Harmonize society and set intention for a peaceful world where all beings work together.

Be moral and virtuous to put our awareness into practice.

Repay four kinds of kindness above and aid all beings suffering in the paths below.

07:10:42  September 3rd, 2011

 (By upholding and reciting this mantra daily, you will be blessed by Osifu and the Buddhas as well as the Bodhisattvas. Whenever you do it, you get it. The energy blessing is inconceivable, so is the ascension of cultivation.)

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