Osifu to briefly summarize the ten reasons of the earth crises. Aug-19-2013 Afternoon

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Osifu to briefly summarize the ten reasons of the earth crises.  Aug-19-2013 Afternoon

Osifu's Discourse (Aug-19-2013 Afternoon)   


Osifu  13:35:33
Today is August 19th, 2013, Monday, Sunny. The torridity is still continuing and everything in the small town where Osifu lives is like going to melt down soon. The tree leaves are listless and some of them have dried up. Looking out through the window, places where eyesight can reach look dazzling and reflect the brightness of the sun. Under such strong sunlight, there are few pedestrians on the road where rare serenity can be seen.


The sunlight is too strong to look at directly at this time.


If it's not air conditioned, with such hot weather lasting for so long time, it's not known how many people would die of high temperature and extreme torridity .


The four elements of earth, fire, water and wind take turns on stage. Our earth is not tranquil at all and various natural disasters have taken away too many people’s fresh lives.


Some scientists said that the earth has entered an active period of  tectonic plate, giving rise to so many earthquakes. Then, have the elements of fire, water, wind also entered an active phase? All kinds of natural disasters such as high temperature, drought, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, storms have been refreshing historic records. What's wrong with the earth?
 Osifu has no title of scientist, no title of professor, nor academic authority. Osifu is just an ordinary man with his words carrying little weight, but Osifu would like to talk about his own viewpoint. Osifu would like to feel the pulse of the earth and make a diagnosis.


There are many reasons for the current earth crises. If they were enumerated one by one, it would be a long-winded speech. Osifu likes simplicity and will pick the main points and summarize the most prominent and the most serious reasons as the following ten aspects:


1. The development of earth civilization has violated Laws of the Universe, Rules of Nature and True Essence of Science.


2. The earth energy resources have been consumed seriously, while the alternative clean energy hasn't been found yet. The exhaustion of energy resources will exterminate the earth, earthman and most of the species.


3. The earth's various resources have been severely polluted, damaged, decomposed, combined and transferred, which caused the whole earth system losing its balance. Imbalance of the whole earth system will lead to a series of chain reaction such as imbalance of the earth magnetic field, imbalance of the earth energy field, imbalance of the earth ecological field, imbalance of the earth self-purification system, imbalance of the earth self-healing system, etc. These imbalances would then cause a series of adjustments and fluctuation and the consequence is terrible.


4. Earth's population has already seriously exceeded the bearing capacity of the earth and the population distribution is unreasonable.


5. Scientific development direction of earthman has violated Laws of the Universe, Rules of Nature and True Essence of Science.


6. Social operational mode of the earthman has prominent issues, which needs to be reformed and improved. An advanced society should reflect equality, freedom, serving, dedication, purification, sublimation, light, love, harmony and perfection.


7. Earthman has a relatively lower level of intelligence, which needs to be improved urgently. Egocentricity, selfishness, self-interest, greed, fighting, killing, sextual misconduct, superstition, blindness, ignorance, impulsion and so on are performances of low intelligence.


8. Earthman lacks correct understanding of the overall universe. The earth-centered development perspective is wrong. It is wrong to view the earth as the center of the universe and to be imbued with fear and hostility to the universe. The universe is full of light and love. The earth is an inseparable component of the overall universe. The earthman is part of the universe big family.


9. Earth people lack the spirit of cooperation and each seeks development based on self-interests. Such concept and behavior are extremely wrong. The result is that no one could develop well.What's more, it would cause internal friction or serious harm to each other. This issue must be settled in a good way, especially among countries and between regions.


10. Earth people mistakenly believe that the earth belongs to them. Such idea is the thought of the majority earthly beings, and this wrong view would severely hinder the overall ascension of the earth. Development and ascension of the earth depends on the assistant from the cosmic high-dimensional and highly intelligent beings. With the current level of intelligence alone, earthmen have no way to solve the planet's further ascension . Our earthmen have entered a dead end in many aspects, and we have to rely on help from the cosmic high-dimensional and highly intelligent beings. Permission from majority of the earthmen is needed if the cosmic high-dimensional and highly intelligent beings would like to come to the earth and lend a helping hand, because they follow the Respect Laws of the Universe. Without approval from majority of the earthmen, they are not allowed to come to the earth and offer a helping hand. They also have to "follow the procedure."


Osifu had meant to briefly summarize the ten reasons of the earth crises, but noticed that there was too much to talk, as a result more and more had been talked. In fact, each term can be expanded into long discourse. Considering that many people have no patience to read long discourse, so it would be better to make it as simple as possible. It could have come to an end at the point, but is what has been talked related to Osifu's Sun-dream? Has Osifu wondered off the point? Osifu just said today’s topic would be related to Osifu’s dream about the Sun, however, what has expounded is still Osifu’s Earth dream.


The earth is an inseparable part of the solar system. The earth belongs to the solar system, belongs to the Milky Way system and belongs to the universe.


The earth cannot be destroyed!


The earth cannot be derailed!


The earth cannot be exhausted!


The earth cannot lose balance!


The earth losing balance will give rise to the solar system to lose its balance, however, among planets in the solar system, it is the earth that is the most likely to lose balance, the most likely to be derailed, the most likely to be exhausted, the most likely to be destroyed, the most unstable and the most fluctuant!


The cosmic high-dimensional and highly intelligent beings have all focused their eyes on the earth!


If the Earth-dream is not wonderful, how to talk about the sun-dream?


If the earth crises can be solved well, how could anything go wrong with the solar system?


Millions of years later, the sun will still shine.


Osifu's Sun-dream is bright, with great love, splendid, brilliant, selfless, dedicated, auspicious and perfect.


Osifu's Sun-dream cannot do without a wonderful earth. Osifu doesn't worry about the sun.


What Osifu worries about the most is the earth.


Let's take care of the earth, care for the earth, purify the earth and help  the earth's ascension together, okay?


Osifu  15:20:04
Osifu expects to get a positive answer.
Thank you all!


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