“Promoting vegetarian diet around the world and building a vegeplanet (vegetarian planet) ” Sep-25-2013 evening

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Osifu's Discourse (Sep-25-2013 evening)


Osifu 20:07:31
"Promoting vegetarian diet around the world and building a vegeplanet" is one of our important missions, important goals, important duties and also an important measure to defuse the earth crises. In other words, if humans are not vegetarians, the earth crises will not be solved fundamentally.


It will be a leap forward in the human civilization if humans are purified to become vegetarians at the current time-space point, which will effectively promote the purification, sublimation and ascension of the earth as a whole.


Osifu has spent a lot of time investigating over ten countries in Asia, Europe and America and the main task was to find out the causes, coping measures and solutions for earth crises.


There are many kinds of earth crises such as energy crisis, environmental crisis, ecological crisis, population crisis, social crisis, political crisis, economic crisis, financial crisis, nuclear crisis, belief crisis, moral crisis, atmosphere crisis, biochemical crisis, crisis of sustainable development and so on.


Osifu has seen that each country has various and different levels of crises and has also taken programs suitable to its own national conditions. Osifu has inspected and studied along the way and has learned a lot and felt deeply that “traveling one thousand miles equals to reading thousands of books."


If a study report is needed, Osifu is afraid that he needs to write a lengthy book. As you all know, Osifu doesn't like long-winded speech but prefers to go straight to the point, be concise and simple, and straightforward.


Osifu just said, "If humans are not vegetarians, the earth crises will not be solved fundamentally."


This sentence is just Osifu's personal view. From an academic perspective, Osifu only has argument but no grounds of argument and process of argumentation.


In fact, in the book OSIFU, Osifu has brought up many personal views. There are many arguments, so are grounds of argument. But they are not proved one by one.


In addition, in the book OSIFU, Osifu uses his own style of vernacular and there are almost no references to other people's papers or monographs. And Osifu even rarely cited the words of famous celebrities.


If there were quotations, then Osifu mostly quoted ‘ordinary's words.’ Osifu has been positioning himself as an ordinary.


An ordinary understands neither financial crisis nor economics. An ordinary only knows to say that money is getting more and more devalued, and that the apple is getting more and more expensive beyond an ordinary's ability to afford it.


An ordinary doesn't understand astronomy, geography, high art but the ordinary knows that falling into water, one will be drown if he or she can't swim.


Osifu is a thorough ordinary person. Osifu’s parents are illiterate farmers. Osifu’s grandparents were farmers and his great-grandfather was still a farmer. Osifu's ancestors were all farmers and kindhearted ordinary people.


Osifu is a ‘common person’ on the earth. Osifu often feels that he himself is a grass on the earth, and a grass nobody knows.


Sometimes Osifu thinks that it is a bit self-important to compare himself to grass. Osifu is inferior to grass, why?


1. Grass beautifies the earth but Osifu doesn't. Osifu doesn't have attractive appearance and doesn't bring beauty to the earth.


2. Grass purifies the earth but Osifu doesn't. Osifu undergoes the process of metabolism and pollutes the earth.


3. Grass inhales carbon dioxide and produces oxygen but Osifu doesn't. Osifu inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide and increases carbon emissions.


4. Grass undergoes photosynthesis to produce nutritions but Osifu doesn't. Osifu consumes various energy sources.


5. Grass is conducive to the earth ecosystem but Osifu isn’t. Osifu destroys the earth ecosystem unconsciously.


6. Grass is conducive to the earth environmental protection but Osifu isn’t. Osifu destroys the earth environmental protection unwittingly.


7. Grass doesn't kill but Osifu does. Osifu kills as long as he lives, for it may cause killing even if Osifu drinks water and keeps a vegetarian diet.


Osifu has thought a lot. Between grass and a human being, who is jeopardizing the earth? Who is making contributions to the earth? Who is causing earth crises and who is defusing earth crises?


There are a lot of things worthy of our learning from grass. If everyone lives a life in the way of grass, the earth will be more and more beautiful.


If humans keep on being selfish, pursuing their own desires regardless of the possible consequences, being self-centered, challenging nature, cosmic laws, rules of nature and true essence of science, the earth crises will get more and more severe; various disasters will get more and more frequent and difficult to deal with.


Some people say that natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, mudslides, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, droughts, fires, floods, epidemics are punishments of nature to humans; however, Osifu would say that all these are warnings of nature to humans. It’s time for us to reflect on, perform self-examination, return to our mind and turn back, otherwise the consequence will be unimaginable. The worst consequence is that we perish together with the earth.


Set aside your own interests, power, wealth, status, fame, desires and learn the spirit of grass, won’t you?


As a matter of fact, no matter whether you learn or not, people will eventually die and then you will have no choice but to put aside interests, power, wealth, status and fame. Dust returns to dust, soil returns to earth and be buried below grass forever.


Osifu talks about whatever flowing in his heart and has talked so much from saving the earth by becoming a vegetarian to the spirit of grass, which is a bit abstracted from the point.


Sometimes Osifu reads his own article and laughs while reading. What style is it?


Who cares what style it is! Osifu just expresses his mind to reveal the natural flow of energy, information, codes into language and nothing more.


Devote it to all of you.


Osifu 21:37:51
Bless you always.


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