Osifu is so glad to share his growth experiences with all of you. Nov-01-2013 evening

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Osifu is so glad to share his growth experiences with all of you. Nov-01-2013 evening

Osifu’s Discourse (Nov-01-2013 evening)


Osifu 18:45:20

Osifu was born in a small village by Huai Riverside, a fairyland on the earth with picturesque mountains, crystal-clear streams, golden sand, flying egrets, thick forest and tall bamboos. It was once the paradise in Osifu’s childhood.


Before studying in the city in 1992, Osifu had been living in this small village. It was a poor but happy time like a fairy tale.


Osifu’s forefathers were all farmers. Osifu’s parents were illiterates, and Osifu’s grandfather could recognize only a few words. Osifu’s great-grandfather was once hired as a long-time farmhand for the landlord in old society. He was an even poorer person.


It is Osifu's mother who has been the greatest influence in Osifu's life. Osifu's mother is a Buddha in Osifu's mind.


Osifu’s mother is an ordinary peasant woman. She had no chance to go to school, received no education, was inexperienced to this world, but she owns a crystal-like heart.


Osifu learned to be righteous, sincere, kindhearted and pure from his mother.


Osifu learned to be kind to others from his mother.


Osifu learned to be patient and modest from his mother.


Osifu learned to keep clean hands from his mother.


Osifu learned to be upright and above-board from his mother.


Osifu learned to be a person of no greed and never take advantages of others from his mother.


Osifu learned to neither compete nor fight with others from his mother.


Osifu learned to love our country and people from his mother.


Osifu learned to observe disciplines and obey laws from his mother.


Osifu learned to worship the heaven and respect GODs from his mother.


Osifu’s mother taught Osifu too much, which would benefit Osifu’s whole life.


Osifu’s mother told the story of A Mother Tattooing Her Son to instruct Osifu to repay the country with supreme loyalty.


Osifu’s mother told the story of Bao Zheng Settling Lawsuits to instruct Osifu to be an honest person.


Osifu’s mother told the story of Loyal Generals of the Yang Family to instruct Osifu to love the country and people.


She could recognize no word but could tell so many stories. Where were those stories from? ----Chinese Operas.


At that time, when slack farming season or temple fair came, Chinese Operas were often performed in the countryside, and Osifu often followed his mother to watch operas in childhood. Although Osifu wasn’t an opera fan, Osifu was influenced by his mother and gradually became interested in it.


What Osifu watched the most were Lady General Mu Taking Command, Hua Mulan, Chao Yang Village, Three Cry Temple, Spanking the Princess, Magistrate of A County Judging Haoming,Searching A Commander, etc. Osifu just watched the scene of bustle at the beginning, but afterwards Osifu could understand the meaning in them and learned many principles about how to be a good person.


The most frequent words that Osifu’s mother said to him were “Be a good person!” When watching the opera, she often told Osifu who was the good one or who was the bad one.


Generals of the Yang Family, Bao Zheng, Hua Mulan and the county magistrate Tang Cheng became examples for Osifu to emulate.


However, there was little time to watch operas after Osifu started primary school. Because time and energy was concentrated on study, Osifu couldn’t follow theatrical troupes to watch performances any longer.


Osifu was always excellent on study, made efforts quietly, never made parents worried, never fought with or cursed at others. Osifu just played by himself and never made troubles.


Osifu’s favorite hobby was running to Huai Riverside to play by himself. It was a paradise for Osifu.


The beauty of distant mountains, the crystal-clear Huai River, the flowing clouds in the sky, the delighted songs of birds, the faint scent of flowers and grass, the thickness of forest, and the quietness of tall bamboos, made Osifu linger on with no thought of leaving.


Since childhood, Osifu has enjoyed being alone and enjoyed tranquility instead of bustle and hustle.


And Osifu often lay on the sand beach, watching the flowing clouds, till the dark fell unknowingly.

At that time, Osifu knew nothing about Zen or the Way. He just liked that way, lying there silently, sitting, listening and watching without thinking or doing anything, but just letting time go by with Huai River flowing towards the east.


Another hobby Of Osifu in his childhood was looking at the starry sky. When Osifu was free at night, he would lie on the grass or sit on chair, looking at the starry sky wordlessly, looking at the Milky Way and looking at the numerable stars. When just watching them, Osifu felt super comfortable, tranquil and peaceful deep inside.


Osifu’s poor yet happy infancy, childhood and adolescent life thus passed peacefully and calmly, without any remarkable things happened.


Osifu, just like you as well as millions of people, grew up day by day. Osifu is an ordinary man with life experiences of ordinary people.


Osifu is so glad to share his growth experiences with all of you. Perhaps you may know Osifu better through these words. It will help us to further strengthen our heart-to-heart communication, energy-to-energy resonation, information-to-information exchange, and code-to-code adjustment.


Hope we adjust, purify, sublimate, ascend ourselves heart-to-heart, hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder and create a beautiful future together!


Osifu 20:27:05

Bless you at every moment!


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