About Us


Our journey on the earth will continue. We came to the earth out of affinity and love with the earth.

We are interstellar travelers. We are traveling in interstellar space out of cosmic love, not for sightseeing, not for visiting places of scenic beauty, nor for killing time, but for spreading light and love in interstellar space, for spreading cosmic laws and for spreading positive energy, positive information and positive codes.

Arriving at any planet, we never ask for any repayment. We have no personal profits. We don't belong to any planet. We don't belong to any religion. We don't belong to any union. We don't belong to any organization. We don't belong to any group. We belong to the universe, belong to all sentient beings and belong to all things and creatures. We are a kind of appearance of the entire universe. We are representatives of laws of the universe. We are the manifestation of rules of nature.

The only thing we do on every planet is to "Be egoless and unconditioned in order to perform in accordance with the Way. Bring bliss to all under Heaven and rescue all beings".

On every planet, we only carry forward cosmic laws and never found any sect, any denomination, any organization or any group. We don’t need sects, denominations, organizations or groups. We don't need the power of individuals or groups because we have no private interests.

We make our effort to transform, to persuade and to guide all planets and all beings to comply with cosmic laws and natural rules in order to make every planet more beautiful, concordant, harmonious, balanced, peaceful, perfect, sound and sustainable in development.

Saying these is in order to help human beings to know us, to understand us and to identify with us. We are your friends rather than enemies. Most of us have reincarnated on the earth in our past lifetimes, so we have deep feelings and affinities with the earth. Now, we are earthly humans as well, and we love the earth.

We love the earth. We protect the earth. We protect all things and creatures on the earth. We treat all things and creatures as ONE. We treat all things and creatures as sisters and brothers. We treat all things and creatures as relatives. We treat all things and creatures equally.

That is About Us.

The causes, present situation and coping strategies of the earth crises belong to one project of our research. We have managed to help many planets resolve crises and we deeply believe that we are capable of helping the earth, because we love it. With true love, nothing is impossible.

We are guardians of the universe. We are volunteers of the universe. We are rescuers of the universe. We are dedicators of the universe. We are disseminators of cosmic light and love.

We respect every GOD, Buddha, Immortal, Saint and Sage, but we are not superstitious to anyone of them. There is no idolatry in our minds and eyes. We just research, comprehend and practice cosmic laws. In the universe, none of GODs, Buddhas, Immortals, Saints or Sages is the supreme, and everything is equal, which is in accord with the law of Equality in cosmic laws. Cosmic laws are the supreme, and any being and all things in the universe must comply with cosmic laws.

In our opinions, anyone who calls himself/herself the reincarnation of some GOD, Buddha, Immortal, Saint or Sage, or anyone who considers himself/herself to be some GOD, Buddha, Immortal, Saint or Sage is really ignorant, childish and ridiculous. This kind of phenomenon only exists on lower intelligent planets and among those universal beings with lower intelligence.

In the lowest dimension of the Desire Realm, Heaven of Four Heavenly Kings, the phenomenon of mixing the false with the genuine will never happen, nor will it appear in Hell Realm, Ghost Realm, Animal Realm and Elves Realm.

The reason why this problem is referred to is that our present period is Dharma Ending Age which is also Demon Rampant Age. The phenomenon of hosts of demons dancing in riotous revelry will happen among the crowds in all parts of the world. Many people who call themselves GODs, Buddhas, Immortals, Saints and Sages will jump out, make themselves up to the public stage, make profits in troubled situation in order to fish for fame and wealth, ruin people’s dharma-body and wisdom-life and decoy them toward demon’s den.

Everyone has to be pure with wisdom and aboveboard with awe-inspiring righteousness. Do remember: Keep far away from heresy. Do not fall into devil's clutches. Do not enter into the den of demons.

As for those who maliciously spread Doomsday Theory, advertise that they are Saviors and threaten people in order to achieve their ulterior purpose, here Osifu gives a definite reply: There is no doomsday on the earth. There is no doomsday in the world. There is no Last Judgment. There is no Savior. The earth in the future will be more beautiful. The world in the future will be more wonderful. The law of Karmic Retribution exists. Your own true mind is the savior of yourself.

Earthly humans, please don't be frightened by natural disasters. Let's bravely face natural disasters together. Although it is true that the relief work for disasters is important, to find the way to defuse all disasters and to put it into practice is much more important. It is never too late to mend.

A fall into the pit and a gain in your wit. Learn from past mistakes to avoid future ones.

Don't fall down over and over by the same stone. Don't be unaware of reflecting upon your mistakes or correcting them until your head is broken.

Stop the exploitation that is like breaking the bones and sucking the marrow! Stop the development that is like digging your own grave! Stop the operation that is like quenching a thirst with poison!

Nature is compassionate, wise, kind, tolerant and full of light and love. Nature neither takes revenge on human beings nor punishes them. The humankind punished themselves because they violated cosmic laws and natural rules.

We earthly humans must introspect and reflect on our own behaviors against cosmic laws and natural rules as soon as possible. Don't make mistakes again and again, much less go from bad to worse. Otherwise, the future of the earth and humankind will be too dreadful to contemplate...

Protect the earth. Protect our common homeland of earthly beings. Begin right now! Begin from ME! Begin from small details!

Each one of us should become the protector of the earth! It's not merely a slogan, what's more, it needs the whole humankind to put it into practical action.

We should love the universe, love the earth, love the humans, love all things and creatures, and love everything. Let the universe be filled with love!